How to Link Aadhaar Card With ICICI Bank Account Online, Offline

The Complete Guide on  Aadhaar / UID number Linking To ICICI Bank Account

Now, every bank asking the account holder to update their Aadhar card number in their bank account. Aadhar card is the necessary thing in India. This is marked with biometrics, it is the valid document for everything. Each individual has the separate Aadhar card number which is issued by the unique identification authority of India. Aadhar card number contains 12 digit number provided by the government. The great mission of the ICICI bank is to be world class and track the performance in the both national and international markets. It reduces the time to visit the bank and the payment process is made quickly. This bank has more than branches in India. It contains more than thousand ATM are available to use. It alerts you to pay the payment for insurance, loan and more. You can make the transaction in your office or anywhere. ICICI bank staffs help to open a new account for deposits with the Aadhar card number, claiming insurance, investment and money transfer and more. ICICI bank can subdivide the service in all over the world. It provides different kinds of account to be opened to deposit the fixed amount in their account.

How to Link Aadhaar Card With ICICI Bank Account

Different ways to connect Aadhar card with bank account:

Today, as you know that Aadhar card is essential for every usage. The Aadhar card gives different schemes on your ICICI bank account. If you are having online banking account then you can easily and faster to update your Aadhar card number. Choose any one of the methods to update Aadhar card number. It contains four methods to link the Aadhar card number which is explained briefly in below,

Steps to Link Aadhar card with ICICI Bank Account via online:

The net banking you can link the Aadhar card details in your account. For link, your Aadhar card / UID number to ICICI account, follow the below steps

  • First, the candidate needs to open the ICICI net banking portal to login the online account. ( ICICI Bank Net Banking )
  • You have to enter your username and password to login account.
  • After login account, search the link it says link your Aadhar card or link Aadhar card to bank account or Aadhar card seeding or updates your Aadhar card number with the bank account.
  • You find the customer service tab on the page, then you have to click on service requests.
  • Then you have to click on the bank account service, directs to the new page.
  • On the page, you have to enter your accounts details which are given on the page.
  • Check the entered details on the page, if any this fills wrong then change it
  • Click on modification related.
  • Then click on request for updating Aadhar card number in the savings account.
  • You have to enter the twelve digits Aadhar card number on the page and hit submit.

The updated details of the Aadhar card number in your account are displayed at the bank system. They will verify the details which you enter in online, they will send the confirmation message to your mobile number.

Offline linking Aadhar card:

The offline process is used if you do not have the online banking account. If you want to connect the Aadhar card with your bank account in offline, then you have to process with your nearest ICICI bank with your Aadhar card and bank passbook.

  • You have to open the required link to update the Aadhar card details which are given by your ICICI bank.
  • Download the Aadhar card application form from the given link. (Click here to Download)
  • Before filling the form follow the instructions which are given on online.
  • After filling the application check the form twice, submit it to your nearby branch of the ICICI bank.
  • Attach the photography of passbook and Aadhar card on the application form carefully.
  • You need to show your printout of the Aadhar card to the bank.
  • The person checks your details which you are provided to the bank for updating Aadhar card number.
  • They verify the 12 digit number of the Aadhar card which you like to link to your ICICI account. After verifying they send the verification message to your email address or mobile number which is registered in your account.

Link Aadhar card via ATM:

Linking with ATM is the best option to process the update with the easier way. The ICICI bank does not allow Aadhar card seeding to account by ATM. You have to go to the nearest ATM from your ICICI bank. Then swipe the ATM card and enter the PIN number. You find the link your Aadhar card number or link Aadhar card to the bank account or update your Aadhar card number or Aadhar card registration or customer service or service requests. The update Aadhar card to your bank account option is displayed on your screen, you to choose the ICICI account number and it asks to enter Aadhar card number. The bank will verify the details, once the verification is processed then the confirmation message is sent to your mobile number.

Link Aadhar card via SMS:

The candidate can send the Aadhar card number to the ICICI bank with the registered number. If you have registered number you can link your Aadhar card number easily, otherwise, you have to ask number to your ICICI branch. Then send Aadhar card number, they verify the number manually and update it on your account information.

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