How to Activate Mobile Banking in HDFC Bank

HDFC Mobile Banking Activation & Registration

HDFC bank offers the mobile banking service to its customer. Mobile banking service is the efficient and convenient way in that you can stay connected with the HDFC bank. Using the HDFC mobile banking, you can start more than seventy-five transactions on your Smartphone. It is also possible that you can do mobile banking via the mobile browser. The mobile banking facility of HDFC bank is noteworthy in its security features as no information stored on your mobile phone or SIM card. Even it is possible to make bill payments, pay your credit card dues, check your account balance, and transfer funds via this facility. HDFC bank provides separate apps for iPhone, Blackberry, windows phone, Android, tablets, and Nokia.

Activate HDFC Mobile Banking

Features of the HDFC mobile banking:

Some of the features of the HDFC mobile banking facility listed here.

  1. Missed call recharge

You can recharge your mobile by simply give missed call to the number 73080 80808. Therefore, you need not visit the store or download any other app for recharge your mobile. Even you can also connect your family and friends phone number to your account after that they can also use this service.

  1. mPassbook

mPassbook is the new feature introduced by the HDFC bank along with mobile banking facility. Using this feature, you can update your bank passbook via your mobile phone. This helps you to save the time to visit the bank. This facility is available for Android and iPhone users now.

  1. SMS banking

In case, you do not have internet facility or your data plan finished, then still you can access mobile banking benefits via SMS banking. This feature allows you to view your account statement and mini statement, check your account balance etc by simply sending the SMS.

  1. Toll-free mobile banking

Using this toll-free facility, the customer can call the toll free number from the registered mobile phone with the SMS banking service of the bank.

How to activate mobile banking facility:

If you want to use the HDFC mobile banking facility, first you should have the account in the bank. Once you created the account, you can download the HDFC mobile banking application directly to your mobile phone. Please follow the instructions below carefully to activate mobile banking service.

  • First, go to the App store on your mobile phone
  • Then search for the HDFC mobile banking app
  • Note – HDFC bank provide different mobile banking app for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Tablet, and Nokia so download as per your need
  • After searching, download the app
  • Once the app successfully installed on your mobile phone, you need to enter your customer ID as well as NetBanking pin IPIN to log in.
  • Once you log in, then you can use all the services of the mobile banking easily

Use mobile banking via browser:

Apart from the app, you can also use Mobile banking via your browser. For that, you need to go to the official website of HDFC bank and go to the mobile banking tab. In that, you need to enter your customer ID and password to use this service.

Benefits of using the HDFC mobile banking:

  • HDFC mobile banking facility allows you the same level of security as the Netbanking feature.
  • You can use this service both English and Hindi if you registered for SMS banking
  • SMS banking is absolutely free for all and you do not charge for this service.
  • You can start many financial transactions using this facility. Some of the services are placing the request for the cheque-book, request for NetBanki8ng IPIN, fixed deposit enquiry, account statement request etc.
  • If you have activated international roaming on your mobile phone, you can access your bank account via SMS banking from anywhere in the globe.

Security measures of HDFC mobile banking:

  • There is no information stored on your mobile phone or SIM card.
  • In case, if your mobile was stolen or misplaced, then your account completely secured so that do not worry.
  • In addition, you can call the customer service and report that your phone theft. The bank deactivates your IPIN and the fresh one will issue later.
  • Using the customer ID and IPIN, only the customer can login to his or her account because that is the confidential field. All kind of account information stored in the 128-bit SSL protected format.
  • If the IPIN entered 5 times incorrectly in a consecutive manner, then the bank blocks your IPIN usage.

Do’s and Don’ts of HDFC mobile banking:

Here is the list of the point that you must follow when you use HDFC mobile banking facility.


  • Always protect your phone with the password. You must also set three as the maximum number of incorrect password submissions.
  • When choosing the password, you need to make sure that it is strong with alphanumeric as well as special characters so that your data is secure and safe.
  • Frequently check your HDFC bank account statements for transactions is there any authorized transactions made
  • Change your IPIN on the regular basis.
  • If your phone theft or lost, immediately report the same to the bank to block the mobile banking service.


  • Never share your PIN number with anyone.
  • Be careful while using browser via unfamiliar websites
  • Try not to use your Bluetooth device in the public places because your confidential information may compromise.
  • Do not store the confidential information such as user ID, mobile banking password, credit card details etc on anywhere on your mobile phone.
  • Be aware once the fund transfer, the process cannot reverse
  • Be careful, when you accept offers such as download attachment or caller tune from the unknown source.
  • Do not write down PIN or other information from the bank, which specifies your PIN or password.

When you change your mobile number, you need to inform the bank and update your registered mobile number with the HDFC bank.

Updated: May 28, 2017 — 3:19 am

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