ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number: 24×7 Toll Free Helpline Numbers and Email Address

Are you searching for ICICI customer care numbers and toll-free numbers of all regions? ICICI Bank is one of the biggest banks in India in terms of market capitalization, revenues, and profits. This bank has contained the broad range of banking wares and services to the respective customer by a variety of channels and specialized in the area of investment. They hold lots of branches across the world and they provide lots of facility to the people asking about the particular loan product or a billing issue with the help of the credit card. The people can turn to the customer care service center at the respective credit card toll-free number to get the better answer for your doubts. for the instance, any type of issue in the account the people can directly contact with the customer care number to clear the type of problem occur in your account.

The queries related to the payment on the credit card, the people can easily get the credit card customer care service that is available around the respective country in the world. The people can be contacted via phone, message, toll-free number, and the people can directly visit the nearest ICICI bank. This bank is run under the category of best use of the innovative technology in order to expand the potential customer experience. The bank customer is get in touch with the customer service by using the respective mode of communication. This bank provides a wide variety of banking products and financial services to its customer.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Number

They have wide variety of channels that offers its products and services to its customer and the services like the internet banking, mobile banking, and phone banking. The services in this bank also include investment, insurance, NRI services and lot more. This bank offers various types of loan and it includes home loans, personal loan, car loan and lot more.

ICICI Bank Toll Free Customer Care Number

  • 1800 102 4242 (retail banking)
  • 1800 103 8181 (wealth / private banking)

ICICI Bank 24-Hours Customer Care Centre Numbers

Today, We are going to shared ICICI Bank 24×7 Customer Care Number and a toll-free number for all regions. With the usage of the service like the automated teller machine, credit cards, and net banking is an integral part of the daily life activities. This bank is serving for the Indian users with the respective customer care and toll-free numbers of the essential services. They discovered the broadband providers and many other services provided to the people.

ICICI Customer Service Number City Wise

Andhra Pradesh: 7306667777 Ahmedabad: 07933667777 / 07944455000
Assam: 9864667777 Bangalore: 08033667777 / 08044455000
Bihar: 8102667777 Bhopal: 07553366777
Chattisgarh: 9098667777 Bhubaneswar: 06743366777
Goa: 9021667777 Chandigarh: 01723366777 / 01724445500
Gujarat: 8000667777 Chennai: 04433667777 / 04444455000
Haryana: 9017667777 Dehradun: 01353366777
Himachal Pradesh: 9817667777 Delhi: 01133667777 / 01144455000
Jammu & Kashmir: 9018667777 Ernakulam: 04843366777
Jharkhand: 8102667777 Gurgaon: 01243366777 / 01244445500
Karnataka: 8088667777 Hyderabad : 04033667777 / 04044455000
Kerala: 9020667777 Jaipur: 01413366777 / 01414445500
Madhya Pradesh: 9098667777 Kolkata: 03333667777 / 03344455000
Maharashtra: 9021667777 Lucknow: 05223366777 / 05224445500
Orissa: 9692667777 Mumbai: 02233667777 / 02244455000
Punjab: 7307667777 Panaji: 08323366777
Rajasthan: 7877667777 Patna: 06123366777
TamilNadu: 7305667777 Raipur: 07713366777
Telangana: 7306667777 Ranchi:06513344339
Uttar Pradesh: 8081667777 Shimla: 01773366777
Uttarakhand: 8081667777
West Bengal: 8101667777

ICICI Home Loan Customer Care toll-free number

The loans offer in this bank is unbeatable advantage to ensure that its clients get the best loan without any hassle. The loans in this bank are not only at the competitive interest rates, but also the loans are designed for the people that are catering to the specific needs of the people. If you have any queries regarding loan, You can call the toll-free number

  • 1800 102 4242

Note : For any unresolved query, you may contact the ICICI bank toll helpline number between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Toll – Free Number for ICICI Credit Card Customer Support

The provision of paying for the commodity in easy installments with the help of the credit cards and the credit provides the facility of the cash for the people to get in the convenient time. They also provide free cards for a lifetime policy options in order to get the lifelong credit cards. If the people missing the credit card then the people use the customer care number to put the queries on the required credit card and later the people can get the duplicate credit card. They also provide the global emergency services for the people to get the required credit card. With the help of this credit card, the people can get the travel discount options and offer many other benefits for them. The premium credit card from this bank offers the credit bearer to its users and this card includes the special deals to the bearer’s lifestyle. If you’ve applied credit card, You can track your ICICI Credit Card Application Status

ICICI Toll Free Number

1800 102 4242

ICICI Bank Internet Banking Customer Service:

The net banking is a user-friendly service offers various number of benefits for the people. With the help of the internet banking, people can easily transfer the money from one account to the other account and check ICICI online balance enquiry etc. All the transactions are protected by a personal identification number that is the personal password to the respective bank. This bank offers the phone banking facility by default and no registration need for it. In some case, the people need to fill the form and put it to the nearest bank branch or the automated teller machine. This bank has introduced the demat service to the people in order to get the required information that are relevant to their account.

ICICI Customer care Email Address

Use the following email id and get in touch with ICICI representatives who will reply bank answers your queries

  • care@icicibank.com
  • headprivatebanking@icicibank.com



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