How to Check RBL Credit Card Application Status Online

RBL Bank is a well-known public sector bank that offers the best range of financial services to its customers. It has lots of customers who are served by the biggest network of many bank branches and ATMs. This bank offers many services to its customers. A credit card is one of the most important products or services that will credit bank customers forever.

The RBL bank offers different types of credit cards in different categories that include lifestyle, shopping, and entertainment to cater different customer needs. These kinds of credits are used during an emergency situation. RBL banks offer lots of popular credit cards including:

  • Platinum Maxima Card
  • Titanium Delight card
  • Platinum Delight Card

With a reliable official portal, RBL bank makes applying for these credit cards easy and simple. While applying for the credit card, you can track the status of your application through this similar website.  It is useful to know about the steps to track the status of RBL Credit card application. It is significant to know that RBL bank offers two different methods to check the application status.  When you decide to check your credit card application status, you can either use offline or online methods.

How to Check RBL Credit Card Application Status Online

Most of the busy individuals prefer online method because it helps them to track their application status easily and quickly. The reference number and registered phone number plays a major role in tracking the application status, so you can utilize them properly.

The unique and important identification number is actually allotted to the customers who apply for RBL credit cards.  If you want to get the number, you need to submit your application form successfully through any valid mode.

Many customers submit their application form directly to their bank. For those kinds of customers, RBI bank will provide the acknowledgment slip.  The acknowledgment number is very important for the queries regarding your credit card application, so you need to retain it until you receive the credit card.

Tracking the application status is not a daunting task because online tracking method makes the process much simpler and hassle-free.

  • Visiting the official website of RBL helps people to check the application status. (i,e)
  • The dedicated portal brings you all required information and status of your credit card application. To track the application status, you need not follow any difficult procedures.
  • Instead, you can use the registered mobile number and reference id to complete the tracking task quickly.

Track RBL Credit Card Application Status Online

Track  RBL Credit Card Application Status Offline – Toll Free Helpline Number

If you are a customer of RBL Bank and you look for another way to track application status, you can prefer the offline method. RBL bank provides customer service helpline for customers who do not have proper internet facilities.  By using this option, you can gather sufficient information about your credit card application without taking more time.

If you have any queries related to credit card, you can directly approach the credit card helpline of RBL bank 1800 121 9050 or 022 6232 7777.

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Updated: February 22, 2018 — 1:53 pm
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