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If you’ve account in SBI bank that you don’t know about the account balance. In this guide we are shared about how to do SBI account balance enquiry using SBI Quick – Missed Call Banking Services.

SBI is the largest commercial bank in terms of assets, deposits, profits, branches, customers and employees. It is subjected to regulation by Financial Conduct Authority.

The financial service compensation scheme prevents deposits. Payment under this scheme is limited to 75,000. Each eligible; depositor will be compensated to maximum amount of 75,000. It is common to involve into search for benefits of SBI banking. SBI advantage gold credit card is a unique credit card scheme offered by SBI.

This card is acceptable at any places across globe. It has more number of uses and privileges. It is allowed for usage in any merchant outlet. If you have fixed deposit with SBI, you can easily get this credit card.

Using this card, abroad transactions are easy to achieve. This card allows everyone to enjoy flexible credit facility. One can also withdraw cash using this credit card.

SBI Balance Enquiry


SBI Quick – Missed Call Banking Service:

State Bank of India has established its “missed call banking” service option to help people to access balance inquiry verification process easily. Today, people do not need to wait in long queue for anything.

We need to really admire at creation of technologies. There is no wrong to say thanks to technology advancement. Yes, whatever may be the demand of customer to deal with a bank from deposit or withdrawal or balance inquiries, online facility enables one to accomplish their demands easily.

It is responsibility of every customer to note down toll free number of their bank. Each bank has its own toll free number to resolve customer queries. For example, if you have account under State Bank of India, you should have toll free number in your hand. By using this number, customers can just give missed call to get any details like bank account balance.

Besides, SMS option is available. This option is also created to help customers to resolve queries related to account balance. As toll free number is created by bank, it is totally available for free of charges.

How to Check Account Balance Using SBI Quick Service:

Besides missed call, customers of SBI bank can also access to SMS form of procedure to know about account related details like balance verification.

You may want to know about whether SMS service is suitable to only verify balance enquiry or to accomplish any other processes. Yes, using SMS service, people can get solution for multiple queries.

Registration Process for SBI Missed Call Banking Services:

Follow the below mentioned method to register mobile number in sbi

  • SMS, ‘REG(space)account number’ to 09223488888

e.g. REG 12345678901 and send SMS from the mobile number available in SBI bank.

State Bank of India (SBI) Missed Call Number:

You can check out balance of SBI account by just giving missed call on 09223766666

What Are The Additional Things Achieved Through SMS?

Once you have registered for SBI Quick Service. You can get the following information by sending an SMS or giving a Missed Call.

  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Blocking of ATM card
  • Car and home loan inquiry

Do you think that you can simply access this service? Prior to start accessing these services, one should register prior with banks. In order to activate missed call service or SMS service, your mobile number should be stored under bank. Do you need to approach head office of particular bank to register?

No, it is more than enough for you to approach your closest branch to attach mobile number to bank.

Mobile number should be available in bank history so as, you can access to both missed call and SMS service.

Different Numbers for different functions:

State Bank of India Balance Enquiry Number :

One has to give missed call to 09223766666 (sbi balance enquiry toll free number miss call). An alternative way to resolve balance inquiry is sending sms to same number. BAL is the keyword built to get solution through SMS.

  • Example: send an SMS ‘BAL’ to 09223766666

Get SBI Mini Statement through Mobile:

Mini statement is actually used to retrieve deposit related information. If you want to see details of last deposit made to your account, you are necessarily to send SMS as “MSTMT to 09223866666” and besides SMS; you are also allowed to send missed call to the same toll free number.

  • SBI Mini Statement Toll Free Number: MSTMT to 09223866666

Blocking SBI ATM Card by Sending SMS:

This is compulsory for anyone to do at any situation. State Bank of India has created a built-in number to help people to block ATM card using number via both ways like SMS and missed call.

If you want to send SMS, you should send SMS as ‘BLOCK(space)’ to 567676.

Note: (XXXX represents last 4 digit of the card number).

Car or Home Loan Inquiry:

In order to clear car or home loan inquiry, you are asked to send SMS as HOME or CAR to 09223588888.

Full Lists of Services:

In order to enjoy complete lists of services, you can send SMS as HELP to 09223588888.

SBI Bank Toll Free Numbers

You can also know balance of SBI account by use any of the following numbers.

  • Give a missed call to either numbers 1800112211 or 18004253800
  • This is a toll free service number of SBI to know any details related with account
  • Using these numbers, independent of any location in India, one can get account balance details

Procedure to Cancel Your Registered Mobile Number

If you want to cancel registered number under SBI, you can use de-register. Customers are asked to de-register mobile number to access to SBI missed call service. Customers are also asked to send SMS as DREG account number to 09223488888.

SMS Banking of SBI:

As people avoid standing in large queue for long time to fulfill their tasks, SBI has established its SMS banking service. As a customer, in order to use SMS banking facility of SBI, one has just type text as MBSREG into message and sends it to the number 9223440000. As you done this step, SBI will send you User ID and default MPIN.

If you like to change MPIN, you should make use of format and number created by SBI.

Send as SMPIN[User ID][Old Mpin][New Mpin] to 9223440000.

If you want to specify whether you accept terms and conditions of service, you need to type as [SACCEPT][Userid][Mpin]. Now, SBI will send registration confirmation message. By this, you can assure registration process has done.


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