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Hello Friends, In this post we will learn transfer funds online from HDFC bank to any bank account using HDFC third party transfer tab.

Nowadays, everyone sends the money to the other account for the personal purpose. Some person directly reaches the bank to send the money to the other accounts and it is the time-consuming process. It is the best way to use the net banking service to transfer the amount to the other accounts. Today, many banks provide the net banking services at the time of account opening. With the help of the net banking services, the people can easily transfer the money to the other account in a fast manner without any hassle. It is the fastest one and also the very secure one at the time of transferring the money to the other account.

HDFC is the best one in this type of service. If the people open the account in this bank, they immediately provide the net banking service at the same time. The bank also provides the reasonable interest rate in a very attractive manner and it is quite convenient for the customers. If the people have the HDFC bank net banking services, they easily transfer the money to the other bank account in a simple manner.

Steps to transfer the money to the other account:

If the people want to transfer the money from HDFC bank to the other bank through the bet banking, the people must add the beneficiary services in the HDFC bank accounts.

  • The very first thing, Visit the official site of the HDFC bank ( )
  • Enter the customer ID, password and confirm the secure access image is appear on the screen.
  • Clicks on the log in button and the user will take to the HDFC net banking account in a simple manner.
  • The user looks at the tab that reads the “Fund Transfer” and the user clicks on the fund transfer button in the net banking process.
  • After completing the above process, the new page will appear on the screen that contains the different option for the fund transfer and others.

Funds Transfer - Others- HDFC BANK

  • In order to transfer the funds to the other banks, You must select the transfer to other bank option in the screen.
  • Clicks on the transfer to other bank option and clicks on the go button for the purpose of the transfer the money to the other account in a perfect manner.

Different option present in the NEFT:

Transfer within the bank:

If the people want to send the money to the HDFC bank, they must select the option like online money transfer from the HDFC bank to the other banks.

Transfer to another bank:

If the people able to transfer the money through the credit card payment, they must use the transfer to another bank.

Instant transfer:

The instant transfer is nothing but transfers the money through the account and the mobile number. This option is only available for the instant transfer if the people enable with the mobile banking.

Transfer to other bank using RTGS:

RTGS is the best option for the people to transfer the money in a quick manner without any waiting period. If the people want to transfer the amount between 2 to 10lacs, this is the option for them.

Steps to add beneficiary (Register for fund transfer)

  • With this, the user adds the amount, transfer description and continue and they must click add a beneficiary option in the form.
  • Now the users choose the appropriate transaction type with the help of the account beneficiary and click option go.
  • The user must use the respective bank account details provided by the bank if they want to add a beneficiary for the purpose of the transaction.
  • The user must provide the required beneficiary account number, credit card number, account type, beneficiary name and others at the time of the transaction.
  • In order to enter the IFSC code, they need to choose the option like the click here to select the IFSC code and look up the IFSC code in the box and click the search button.
  • If the user wants to use the search option in the form, it is for the purpose of using the bank name and branch name.
  • The user clicks on the search option, they must need to select the bank from the search results and choose the respective bank for transferring purpose.
  • Once, the user fills the required details on add a beneficiary page and click on the add option and then confirm the same details.
  • The users have successfully added the beneficiary in their account and within twenty-four hours the beneficiary account is activated.

Updated: June 26, 2017 — 10:30 am

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